Wharton Content for Your Remote Learning

School closings and class cancellations have prompted many teachers and parents to develop ways to engage student learning at home. The Wharton Global Youth Program and its Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) website are here to help. KWHS has free resources developed for high school students that are available online whenever you need them. Here is a guide to identify content that you can use in your remote classroom and activities you can offer to your students.

Content at Your Fingertips

Articles, Videos and Podcasts

Wharton has hundreds of published articles, videos and podcasts created with high school students in mind to help them explore all aspects of business, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, leadership and career and college prep. Go to the KWHS homepage and search topics in the website search engine or go to the top navigation bar and click on the appropriate tabs. You can also scroll through the homepage content blocks to access resources. Each article page includes a side toolbar featuring Related KWHS Stories, Glossary Terms, Conversation Starters, Related Links and Related Lesson Plans. Sign up for the KWHS Newsletter for updates.

Google Classroom & KWHS

Our KWHS site now includes an “Add to Google Classroom Button” on every article page. Simply click the on any of our articles and you can choose between posting the item as an announcement in your classroom or creating an assignment. For assignment ideas and using KWHS to bring out student voices, see our suggestions below.


Video Glossary

Members of the Wharton faculty have collaborated with the Wharton Global Youth Program to tape brief videos that define more than 500 business terms on the KWHS website – everything from Accounts Receivable to Zoning. These video definitions are hyperlinked in our articles and video and podcast transcripts, and accessible in our online glossary. Just click on the linked word and a brief videotaped definition will pop up featuring a Wharton professor explaining the meaning and using the word in a sentence.


Educator Toolkit Archive

The Educator Toolkit is a great way to explore business, entrepreneurship and leadership both inside and outside the classroom. Each toolkit introduces a specific theme and links to articles, lesson plans and hands-on learning activities. Click here for the Toolkit Archive to explore some 40 individual topics, from the future of work to nurturing an innovative spirit. Tackle one topic a day!


Ask the Wharton Faculty

Get valuable insight into how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the business world by sending questions to our Ask the Wharton Faculty platform. Wharton faculty are using their expertise to help all of us understand how COVID-19 is affecting the stock market, supply and demand, business decision-making, the health care industry, the global economy, and so much more. Wharton management professor Mauro Guillen (pictured here) just helped to launch a new online course for Wharton students that looks at various business implications of the crisis. This is your chance to hear from Wharton thought leaders.

Using KWHS to Give Your Students a Voice

Comment and Win Contest

The KWHS Comment and Win contest is an opportunity for high school students to dig into the hundreds of online KWHS articles, videos and podcasts and post their thoughts in comments about the topics that interest them most. It’s a great way to read, reflect, and deepen the conversation around some fascinating issues – and get recognition for their ideas from the Wharton Global Youth Program. We will be monitoring commenting starting Friday, March 20 and announce biweekly winners through our website, newsletter and social media. Students (who must be registered users of the site to comment) are invited to comment on any article, video or podcast. If you want to implement this into your remote classroom:

  • Click here for a brief guide on the KWHS Comment and Win contest.
  • Simply encourage students to post comments and then share screenshots or links on your remote learning system.
  • Our 2020 Remote Learning Comment and Win contest lasted from mid-March through May 18 and was a big success! More than 200 commenters expressed their opinions, ideas, emotions, and stories on our KWHS articles! Be sure to read about all the winners for Round 1 (comment on anything), Round 2 (respond to another commenter), Round 3 (storytelling) and Round 4 (innovation in action). And congratulations to Abby C., the 2020 Comment and Win Grand Prize winner! Abby won a spot in The Saturn Parable online leadership simulation.

Student Essays

We regularly publish essays written by high school students. Want to motivate your students? Assign them an essay for the KWHS website. You can use our brief guide on writing student essays for KWHS to help shape your remote assignment.

UPDATE: Thank you to all the students who sent in wonderful essay ideas during this time of remote learning! We’ve been publishing essays for the past several weeks. However, the KWHS website is now on hiatus from June to September, 2020 and will resume publishing at the start of the new school year. Feel free to send us your essay ideas, but we won’t be able to publish them for some time until we work through the backlog.

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