The KWHS Investment Competition 2018: Have You Registered?

Our KWHS team is buzzing these days with the start of one of our favorite times of the year: competition season. This year, we have three regional competitions and one Global Finale in May featuring the top teams from each.

More than 135 teams have registered and are competing for Region 1, trading for which began this week on October 23. Involving teams primarily from China, we are excited for a strong start for our first Region 1 stand-alone competition!

Registration for our Region 2 competition, which includes India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand and many other countries, is in full swing, and we are hoping for a flurry of registrations by the fast-approaching cut-off date, Friday, October 27 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Trading for Region 2 begins Monday, October 30. Please get those registrations in on time! We want to make sure your team has the best opportunity to build a winning strategy. Check out our new video introduction to the KWHS Investment Competition if you want to understand what we’re all about.

Region 3, including the U.S., Europe, Africa and more, kicks off registration on December 11 through January 5, with trading starting on January 8. Now’s the time to get your teams in order!

Questions? Please send them to the email for your specific region: KWHS-Region1(at); KWHS-Region2(at); or KWHS-Region3(at)

Good luck, investors!