Marketing Plan Lesson 1: What’s My Market?


In this module, students integrate various marketing concepts to design a detailed marketing plan of their own. In this lesson, students begin their projects by analyzing the market, using the resources available at the Knowledge@Wharton or the Knowledge@Wharton High School sites. Students use the articles to identify how successful companies have analyzed their markets, and what they predict for the market. As they analyze the articles, students will also be compiling rich data pools for their own market analysis.
For example, if students analyze how Panera, a restaurant chain, successfully identified a niche market, they will also be asked to think about what market segments they can identify for their plans. Students will use this analysis to identify their customer segments and begin to think about what unique and valuable product/service they can offer to their customers. The product design will be done in the class that follows.

NBEA Standard(s):
  • Marketing, I. Foundations of Marketing
  • Marketing, II. Consumers and Their Behavior
  • Marketing, VI. The Marketing Plan

Lesson Plan Details:

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