What Affects Auto Insurance Costs? Understanding the Data


In this lesson, students read the Knowledge@Wharton High School article, “Driver Alert: Car Insurance Will Cost You,” and look at data that compares average annual insurance expenditures, number of traffic fatalities, deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, percentages of population living in urban areas, per capita incomes by state and state population. Students will use Microsoft Excel to examine statistics by state and produce scatter plots to investigate the relationship between several factors and the average annual auto insurance expenditure per state. Additionally, students sort these data to better understand statistical factors that affect auto insurance expenditures. *Note: This activity requires students to use computers with Microsoft Excel. If computers are not available for individual students, the teacher can project this on the overhead.

NBEA Standard(s):
  • Computation, II. Number Relationships and Operations
  • Computation, V. Statistics and Probability

Lesson Plan Details:

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