Starting a Business: Project


In this lesson, students demonstrate an understanding of the topics learned earlier in this unit (market research, high margin vs. high volume business, advertising and basic accounting and financial statements) and apply this knowledge to developing a basic business plan. The class begins with a brief discussion and review, and then students read a short Knowledge@Wharton High School article, “Spanish Internet VIP Yago Arbeloa: ‘It Is Important to Take Advantage of the Moment’,” answering guided reading questions. The majority of the class period is spent working on business plans that incorporate the ideas of the week. Finally, student groups present their business plans, focusing on the key elements from this unit.

NBEA Standard(s):
  • Computation, I. Mathematical Foundations
  • Computation, II. Number Relationships and Operations
  • Computation, V. Statistics and Probability
  • Computation, VI. Problem-Solving Applications

Lesson Plan Details:

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