Consumer Behavior Lesson 1: Shopping with “Pretty Woman”


Consumer Behavior is often referred to as the psychology of marketing, and is an integral part of all marketing decisions. Since marketing itself is customer oriented, it makes sense to understand the motivations and behaviors of customers while designing a marketing strategy. What factors affect an individual’s purchase decision? What does the buying process look like? These are some of the questions this module examines. This is the introductory lesson in this module, and it gives an overview of the study of consumer behavior.

In this introductory lesson, I chose to open with a video clip from the Hollywood film Pretty Woman, and present a particular shopping sequence for analysis (the scene where Julia Roberts (Vivian in the film) goes shopping with Richard Gere (Edward). I use this concrete example to explore some of the questions raised earlier. This lends itself to an examination of personal shopping behaviors and typical experiences of the students, in later lessons.

NBEA Standard(s):
  • Marketing, I. Foundations of Marketing
  • Marketing, II. Consumers and Their Behavior

Lesson Plan Details:

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