KWHS for Students

Why should you spend time getting to know Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS)? I have one word for you: Money. It’s a great starting place for our relationship. You want to know more about making it and you need to learn the skills to manage it. KWHS can help. Understanding important business concepts like innovation and entrepreneurship, exploring industries and careers, and reading up on current economic and corporate trends will help you become a skilled and informed leader in your life after high school. Establishing a solid foundation in personal finance will empower you to maintain and build your wealth as you move through life. KWHS also stresses the importance of ethics in business and financial decisions.

So, dig into our free KWHS online resources. We’re here whenever you need us, and we are always adding new content. Business and finance touch your lives in so many ways….bookmark KWHS, and Let’s Talk Money! Here are a few ways you can engage with KWHS:

  • Watch a video that features a young entrepreneur, and then explore other videos and podcasts.
  • Read an article about a business, entrepreneurship, leadership, finance or career topic that interests you.
  • Watch a world-class Wharton School professor defining a marketing term you never heard of  (multicultural consumer), and then explore our video glossary of hundreds of defined business terms featuring Wharton faculty.
  • Test your own leadership and problem-solving skills with questions that accompany articles and that we pose on social media.
  • Comment on our articles! We launched a KWHS Comment and Win contest in 2017 that we plan to hold annually. Read about our 2017 winners and 2018 winners!
  • Join our annual global investment competition, which involves three regions.
  • Start a KWHS club at your high school. We’ll help you with the steps!
  • Send us your ideas for articles and/or student essays and you may eventually be published in the KWHS Business Journal!
  • Send your questions to our Ask an Expert column and get responses from some of the top business minds in the world.