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Lesson Plans

KWHS worked with high school students, educators, Wharton students and business professionals to develop over 400 business lesson plans that cover 10 subjects.

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Week in Review

KWHS recaps the most important business news of the week. Students are invited to discuss the impact of the news on their lives.

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Ask an Expert

A business expert will answer a question posed. Educators can follow up with additional questions or comments about the topic.

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Each week KWHS publishes informative articles on topics from business to entrepreneurship to college. The stories are written specifically for high school students.

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KWHS hosts multiple competitions and programs
every year for high school students
around the world.

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KWHS has put together a comprehensive
video glossary of hundreds
of business-related terms.

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Professional Development

KWHS-PwC Resources

KWHS, in partnership with PwC, holds a Seminar for High School Educators on Business and Financial Responsibility several times a year, as well as publishing instructional podcasts on engaging business and finance topics.

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