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KWHS_Trailblazers_eBook-cover_tn19 Trailblazers Who Are Changing Your World
(Some You Know and Some You Don’t–Yet)

Today’s leaders are blazing trails in every industry, from fast food, fashion, and footwear to social entrepreneurism, philanthropy, and pharmaceuticals. If you’re considering heading down a specific career path, planning to start a business, or looking for leadership inspiration, there’s nothing like getting the lowdown from the people who have been there and done it. The editors of Knowledge@Wharton High School have selected 19 leaders (some you know and some you don’t—yet) who have learned a lot on their journeys—and have a lot to share.

Drawn from some of the most engaging articles and interviews that have appeared in Knowledge@Wharton, this inspiring ebook offers wisdom and insights that will open your mind about the possibilities and the challenges of blazing a trail. These leaders and others are sure to inspire you on your path. Enjoy!

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