Philly SMEC FAQs

Q: What types of media can we use? Are we required to create new forms of social media (e.g. a new website)?

A: There are no restrictions to what forms of media you may use! Students are not required to create new social media sites. Potential social media sites you may find useful include Facebook (and other social networking sites), YouTube, Twitter, Google+, etc. Students may also take advantage of more traditional media and forms of communication such as email, text messaging, websites (their own or pre-existing sites), flyers or even simply word-of-mouth!

Q: How do we use the link we are given?

A: The link should be copied and sent to others when encouraging them to sign up. When your friends click the link you have sent them, they will be directed to a sign-up page that has been created specifically for your team. We will be able to track how many registrations each team gets based on the number of registrations through their specific link.

Q: Can students work alone? If so, how should they approach Section 2 of the strategic plan which discusses team dynamics?

A: Yes, students may choose to work alone. The questions indicated in the guidebook are meant to serve as guidelines and need not be strictly adhered to. Students wishing to work alone may thus adapt these questions to their own strategies and address (for example):

  • Why they chose to work alone
  • What challenges this strategy created and how they could improve
  • What benefits this strategy offered
  • How their experience would have been different had they worked in a team
  • General takeaways from the experience

Q: Can non-high school students register for the site?

A: Yes! Your parents, siblings, friends and teachers alike will find the site to be a valuable resource for learning about the latest and most pertinent issues in the world of business.  Everyone is welcome to sign up.

Q: How do we keep track of the number of registered users?

A: Check your ranking on the leaderboard page.

Q: Are teams allowed to register after the challenge begins (December 5) and is there a disadvantage to registering late?

A: Teams can certainly register after the challenge has begun. There is no disadvantage to registering late except for the time lag created in acquiring sign ups, relative to other teams. None-the-less, we encourage all interested students to participate!

Q: If only one team from a school participates will they still be considered a winner and be invited to the leadership day?

A: Yes, of course!

Q: Can you give some suggestions as to how we might use a social media site, like Facebook or YouTube?

A: You can create an event or a fan page, post your team’s link as your status, or anything else you can think of! You can even create a short video that tells your friends why they should register and then post that to your fan page.

Students shouldn’t feel limited to using only one social media outlet. If students use (for example) YouTube, they can upload their promotional video and re-direct their friends and family to them. In their videos students can talk briefly about their team and its work or create short ‘pitches’ explaining to others the benefits of signing up with KWHS.