Challenge 1: 12-9 to 12-16

Hello Social Media Entrepreneurs:

We are really excited to have all of you participating in the KWHS Social Media Entrepreneurship Challenge!

Throughout the Challenge we will provide opportunities to earn bonus points through special Top Entrepreneur Showdowns. This week’s Top Entrepreneur Showdown gives you an opportunity to earn 25 bonus points (same as signing up 25 people to KWHS).

Top Entrepreneur Showdown Rules

  1. Your team will receive 5 bonus points for every team from another Philadelphia School District high school that you can get to sign up for the Challenge.
  2. Your team can earn a maximum of 25 bonus points (i.e. credit for 5 teams).
  3.  All you have to do is get a friend(s) from another Philadelphia School District high school to sign-up to participate in the Challenge and enter your team name in the “referred by” box on the team sign-up page.
  4. This opportunity for bonus points will only be effective from Dec. 9th to Dec. 16th, so act now!

Remember that these teams are not competing against you because they are from different high schools, so there is no disadvantage to having them sign-up.

On a weekly basis we’ll also provide a few tips that might help you register members to KWHS:

  1. Create a video pitch that you can share on Facebook or YouTube to explain the benefits of registering for KWHS (remember to include your team link)
  2. Create a Facebook event and ask your friends to invite all of their friends (remember to include your team link)
  3. Put an ad in your school newsletter (remember to include your team link)
  4. Don’t forget to register members of your team

You can read articles about social media on our site to help you brainstorm new ideas.

If you have any questions, don’t forget, you can always “ask an expert” at KWHS.

Also, don’t forget to check out the leader board.

Good Luck