Comment & Win Contest 2021

We Want To Hear From You!

Any teenager anywhere in the world who is still in high school can enter the Wharton Global Youth Program Comment and Win contest by signing up to join our online community (it’s free) and commenting on a story when the contest is active — we are starting to evaluate comments this year on June 7, 2021 (see details below). You can comment on our business journal articles whenever you like, but you can only win recognition from Wharton during our annual contest! Search our Articles tab or start on the homepage and search up your favorite topics. Hundreds of posts to choose from.

“Round 1 of Comment and Win 2021 begins on June 7 and ends at midnight on June 18, 2021. The theme: Anything Goes. Read a story, listen to a podcast or watch a video (there are hundreds on the site) and post a reflective comment on the article or transcript. We will be watching!” — the Wharton Global Youth Team

How It Works

  • High school students post comments to Knowledge@Wharton High School business journal articles, podcasts and videos to practice your critical and reflective thinking; only comments from existing high school students will be evaluated for this competition. Teachers, this is a great remote-learning assignment for your students! Click here for a special classroom guide.
  • In order to participate in Comment & Win, first you must register for our online business journal (if you haven’t already).
  • Then you search up a story or transcript of a podcast or video that interests you and comment on it following the round’s designated theme.
  • Yes, you can leave more than one comment on more than one story – but remember, it’s quality, not quantity.
  • There will be four separate rounds beginning in June and ending in August, each with a specific theme. Commenters who participate in each round are eligible to win our Grand Prize at the end of the competition.
  • Our business journal has hundreds of articles, videos and podcasts exploring entrepreneurship, economics, leadership, business, finance and careers. Find a story, video or podcast that interests, angers or inspires you through our search engine on the homepage or by scrolling through the Articles, Videos or Podcast tabs at the top of the homepage, and then share your reflections in the Comments section of the article.
  • Round 1 2021 runs from June 7 to June 18 with a theme of Anything Goes, which simply means you can comment on any article or podcast/video transcript. Need inspiration? Check out our report of the winners from Round 1 of last year’s Comment & Win.
  • Round 2 2021 runs from June 21 to July 2; Round 3 from July 12 to July 23 and Round 4 from July 26 to August 13. Check back here prior to the start of each round to find out the theme!
  • Top round winners (1st place, runners up, honorable mentions) get recognition throughout the Wharton Global Youth Program, including on social media. First-place Round winners will receive a link to a Wharton-authored e-book of their choice from the Wharton School Press. All commenters will receive badges later in the summer. Grand Prize Winner (must have commented in all four rounds)…stay tuned!
  • This is not an essay contest! Think about how to comment effectively on an article so that you are connecting your ideas, insights and opinions with what you’ve read.
  • When you comment, we hope you will provide more than a review of the story. We want you to be reflective and to think critically about the topic of the article. Ultimately, we want to see students who use the text to inform their comments, add value to the discussion around the text, express opinions clearly and succinctly, and have an authentic voice. It’s important to remember that you are reflecting on a particular article, not creating an entirely new essay. Be sure to make a connection to the text.
  • Need inspiration? Check out this news story about our 2020 Comment and Win for links to stories about all the rounds’ winners, as well as links to their specific comments for inspiration.

Craving More Comments?

In addition to the 2020 news story linked above, here are the final reports from each of our annual Comment & Win contests, which connect you to all the Round reports and comments during those challenges. So many great comments!

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