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Announcing the Round 1 Winners of the 2019 KWHS Comment and Win Contest!

Our 2019 Comment and Win contest is off to a fantastic start! The KWHS team has… [Read More]

Welcoming a Summer of Students and a New Era of Leadership and Growth

On June 8, Knowledge@Wharton High School welcomes the first group of high school students to our… [Read More]

The 2019 Investment Competition Global Finale Showcases Financial Literacy at Its Finest

While the KWHS Investment Competition has been around since 2012, each year it delivers unexpected ideas… [Read More]
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This week's question:
Will We Ever Have a $1 Trillion Platinum Coin?

The reason why the trillion-dollar platinum coin was debated in the press is that, apparently, the President has the authority to mint a platinum coin, and that would be enough to purchase and retire a large number of bonds! But the

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