KWHS for Educators

In this global marketplace, we are all educators. While the classroom teacher often has the most direct education line to the student, many other mentors offer critical support – including parents, coaches, youth leaders and employers. The free resources available through KWHS are here for all of you to use, however you wish. We are your business and finance education partner, and we provide quality teaching tools for both inside and outside the high school classroom.

How can you make KWHS work for you? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Your district’s core curriculum standards require more lessons that focus on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. KWHS’s library of more than 400 engaging lesson plans organized around National Business Education Association standard subject areas lists related Common Core Standards and follows a clear, concise format. Educators must be registered KWHS users to access full lesson plans. Supplement your chosen plan with related KWHS articles, which include links to the KWHS Video Glossary, links to related KWHS articles and lesson plans, and open-answer conversation starters.
  • You want to explore a business-related current event to get students thinking about the world around them. Check out KWHS’s latest “Week in Review” article, which offers a brief analysis of a world event, as well as links to additional resources. Encourage students to post an “Ask an Expert” question on KWHS to tap the knowledge of world-class Wharton faculty.
  • You need additional financial literacy resources that inform you and your students about personal-finance concepts, such as credit, saving, investing and economics. KWHS has articles and lesson plans addressing all of these concepts and more in ways that engage and inspire students. Up for a more comprehensive and engaging experience with investing? Join the annual KWHS Investment Competition.
  • You need a quick resource to fill time in class or stimulate the conversation at home. Search hundreds of KWHS articles, videos and podcasts that touch on every aspect of business, finance and career and college development. Videos like this one are packed with great insights and advice from young people to whom high school students can relate. Podcasts like this one give students a quick look into business and careers.
  • You want students to start building stronger, more authentic social media skills. Online life is deeper than Instagram posts, as the commenting sections in publications like the New York Times reflect. In fact, the NYT receives some 9,000 comments per day, and has begun to cover its most dedicated commenters as it would a traditional news beat.  Help students become critical thinkers and communicators online by assigning them KWHS articles to read and comment on. Have them respond to other comments and begin to build their analysis and strategy skills. This might also be a great time to introduce them to the influence that trolls have on online dialogue. Students must be registered KWHS users to comment on articles.