The Week in Review

KWHS recaps the most important business news of the week. Students and educators are invited to discuss the impact of the news on their lives.

The Week in Review:

Volkswagen’s Smog-filled Scandal


Volkswagen, the world’s largest carmaker, is caught in one of the biggest scandals to hit the global auto industry. With help from Knowledge@Wharton, KWHS breaks down the key points of this business news, which deals with everything from algorithms and branding to ethics and the environment.

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The Week in Review:

Why Germany Is the Driving Force in the Eurozone


When you hear about how the eurozone is struggling economically, news reports often ask: What does Germany think or what is Germany doing? You may wonder why Germany is so important for the eurozone. The simple answer: Germany is the biggest economy of the 19 nations that use the euro as their currency, and that makes stalwart Germany the driving engine in the European Union.

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The Week in Review:

Business News Flash: Unicorns Do Exist!


The lives of business people and their companies often unfold like dramatic stories, rich with colorful characters and plot twists. Descriptions from these tales can get creative, including everything from “corporate raiders” in the 1980s to the term for today’s hottest tech start-up companies, known as “unicorns.”

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The Week in Review:

China, the World Stage and Your Role as a Global Citizen


What does it mean to be a global citizen? Students at a recent Wharton seminar explored that idea as they discussed changes in world economic power.

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The Week in Review:

The Value of Intellectual Property


In the world of intellectual property, people and businesses have the right to protect what they create. A newly published report says the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted 300,678 new patents in 2014, an 8% rise over the previous year. Meanwhile, a patent-infringement case just launched by Jawbone against Fitbit promises to escalate. Yes, our ideas have value — but how far should we go to defend them?

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The Week in Review:

Cap, Gown, Cash: Get Smart with Your Graduation Gifts


Happy graduation! You’re celebrating with your family and before you know it, everyone’s handing you money-filled envelopes. Cash is a popular graduation gift, and it can quickly add up. What will you do with your newfound fortune?

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The Week in Review:

Prom Appeals to the Heart – and the Business Brain


Sure, prom is fun and, for many, unforgettable. And amid all the drama and dress decisions, you can glean some valuable insight about innovation, communication, resilience and leadership. Someday when you replace that tux with a boardroom-worthy suit, you may well think back on business lessons from the big dance.

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The Week in Review:

The ‘Green’ Path from Corporate Social Responsibility to a Brighter Earth Day for All of Us


As we celebrate our planet on Earth Day 2015, we also take a closer look at the connection between business and the environment. With the help of some smart teen environmentalists, KWHS explores corporate social responsibility and why businesses are “morally responsible to replenish and sustain the sources that provide foundations for their economic success.”

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