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A Former Golden State Warriors Center on ‘Winning the Money Game’ and Finding Balance in a Sports Career


Former NBA star Adonal Foyle talks with KWHS editor Diana Drake about life growing up on a Caribbean island, discovering his sports talent at 15, and learning to make smart money moves.

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Denim in the Raw: ‘There Is No Better Time than Now to Start Your Business’


KWHS interviewer Avivah Hotimsky recently sat down with Adina Luo, cofounder of Black Box Denim, to discuss her passion for great-fitting jeans and for building a brand.

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The Art and Skill of Effective Public Speaking


Strong communications skills are essential in today’s competitive work environment. Many students begin developing their presentation abilities as early as the preschool show-and-tell circle, and continue to hone their public speaking prowess with each passing year. In this video, KWHS’s Katlyn Grasso speaks with Buck Benedict, a communications expert who urges his students to speak about who they are and what they are passionate about.

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Did You Know that J.D. Power Drives a Mercury Marauder?


Considered the leader of customer satisfaction in the auto industry, James David Power III is better known to most by the company that bears his name, J.D. Power and Associates. In this KWHS video interview, car enthusiast Evan Acuna talks with J.D. Power about his career, his guiding business principles and, yes, his latest ride.

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Laying the Framework for a Successful Startup


KWHS interviewer Hari Joy sat down with Wharton junior Katlyn Grasso to discuss her latest entrepreneurial venture championing the empowerment of young women. Grasso, who spent the summer building the foundation of her business, is the embodiment of her own success edict: “You should never place limits on what you think you can achieve.”

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Peggy Bishop Lane on Why Accounting Is the Language of Business


Are you interested in a career in accounting? In this video interview with Wharton accounting professor Peggy Bishop Lane, KWHS summer intern Marisa DePuyt explores all angles of accounting, from the messages inherent in the numbers to the importance of integrity.

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Katherine Klein on Social Impact and ‘Finding Opportunities to Make a Difference in the World’


KWHS summer intern Ila Kumar, a senior in high school at Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, sat down with Katherine Klein, Wharton’s vice dean of social impact, to learn more about the intersection of business and social good. Turns out, it is a very creative, optimistic and dynamic space to explore.

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Solar Eclipse: What Happens when Your Startup Fails?


In 2012, student entrepreneur Ryan Marschang and some of his classmates launched Invisergy, a developer of solar technology building materials. While the technology showed great potential, building owners weren’t quite ready for the high-tech product, and its founders dissolved the business in December. Marschang sat down with KWHS Editor Diana Drake to discuss his passion for energy and how it feels to close the doors on a new business.

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