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Volkswagen’s Smog-filled Scandal


Volkswagen, the world’s largest carmaker, is caught in one of the biggest scandals to hit the global auto industry. With help from Knowledge@Wharton, KWHS breaks down the key points of this business news, which deals with everything from algorithms and branding to ethics and the environment.

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Can Technology Innovation Improve Financial Capability?

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Technology is an important aspect of the changing financial landscape in the U.S., particularly as it applies to the skills, judgment and resources needed to manage money effectively. Do more high-tech solutions help students and others to become smarter about understanding and navigating their finances? In part three of our four-part audio podcast for educators on the intersection of finance and technology, Wharton professor Mauro Guillén and PwC’s Liz Diep talk about technology’s impact on financial capability and the socioeconomic challenges that accompany the increased use of financial technologies.

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Fin-tech Challenges: ‘Cyberattacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated Each and Every Day’

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New ways of doing things, particularly involving something as intimate as finances, are often met with a degree of skepticism and paranoia. Consumers, financial institutions and others face challenges in the adoption of these various technologies that are changing how we handle our personal finances – everything from online credit card transactions to cryptocurrencies.

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The Week in Review:

Business News Flash: Unicorns Do Exist!


The lives of business people and their companies often unfold like dramatic stories, rich with colorful characters and plot twists. Descriptions from these tales can get creative, including everything from “corporate raiders” in the 1980s to the term for today’s hottest tech start-up companies, known as “unicorns.”

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Robots Advance: Automation in Burger Flipping and Beyond


Working at a fast-food restaurant isn’t just about flipping burgers. High school students in particular can develop good skills that may help them to land a job later on. The only problem: entry-level jobs like these may soon be on the endangered species list.

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Career Insight: Jack Abraham on Changing the World through Technological Innovation


In this second installment of the KWHS “Career Insight” feature (search Sachin Rekhi for the first), Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jack Abraham urges high school students to embrace technology as you consider your future career path.

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A Realty TV Star from Dubai Grows the Arab World’s First Online Employment Marketplace


While the Internet has long been called the World Wide Web, its power as a tool to connect and provide services has taken time to develop in certain regions. In the past few years, young digital entrepreneur Loulou Khazen Baz has been growing, the Arab world’s first online employment marketplace. After winning “The Entrepreneur” in 2012, a reality TV show in the United Arab Emirates, Khazen Baz combined her prize money and her savings to launch a service that she feels is both a viable business and a much-needed social enterprise.

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The Week in Review:

The Value of Intellectual Property


In the world of intellectual property, people and businesses have the right to protect what they create. A newly published report says the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted 300,678 new patents in 2014, an 8% rise over the previous year. Meanwhile, a patent-infringement case just launched by Jawbone against Fitbit promises to escalate. Yes, our ideas have value — but how far should we go to defend them?

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