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Digital Rockers: Emerging Musicians Use Online Media to Turn Up the Volume


Maybe you caught Taylor Swift’s live stream on Yahoo a few weeks back. Yes, that was the 24-year-old music sensation releasing her new album, debuting her new Shake It Off video simultaneously on Vevo and answering Instagram, Twitter and Facebook questions from fans. More importantly, Swift was showing off her mastery of online media as a means of self and music promotion. Social media has changed the music business, which as KWHS explores, is especially powerful for lesser-known artists and performers.

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Showing ‘Spirit’ On and Off the Ultimate Frisbee Field


If you like World Cup soccer, then you might want to learn more about another lesser-known sport — Ultimate Frisbee. Sports is a big money maker around the world, and this game is quickly growing in popularity. In this audio podcast, KWHS talks with a high school Ultimate player about the appeal of the disc.

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Gamers Get their Apps On at an Internship in Silicon Valley


While some teens have spent the summer as camp counselors, still others are taking a more high-tech hiatus from school as they prepare for computer science studies and careers as computer programmers. KWHS checks in with a few students who designed iPhone game apps in Palo Alto, Calif., with the help of a Silicon Valley startup.

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Lens of Opportunity: Alex Kukoff’s Incredible Virtual Community Connection


In the next few weeks, Alexandra “Alex” Kukoff, a 14-year-old entrepreneur from California, will begin reviewing designs submitted by engineers to create a special pair of closed-captioning glasses for hearing-impaired moviegoers. It is a story of how a new entrepreneur with little technological expertise can use the Internet to make the necessary high-tech connections to turn an idea into a prototype [an early sample or model built to test a product or concept].

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Checkmate: Chess and the Game of Business


KWHS set out to spotlight the intersection of chess and business skills through the experiences and insights of high school chess players who have career aspirations in the business world. With tools in-hand — namely pawns, knights, rooks, bishops, a queen and a king — these teens are sharpening their business acumen, one strategic move at a time.

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Muna Yussuf on Strengthening Sports in Africa — Starting with the Confederations Cup


African football (soccer) player and high school student Muna Yussuf would like to add sports business entrepreneur to her credits. During a recent Wharton visit, Yussuf sat down with KWHS to discuss some of her ideas for improving the sports infrastructure in Africa — with the help of innovative thinking and social media.

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Hollywood Goes Bollywood in Deals that Define an Important Market


India’s cultural heritage was on display around the globe last week with the five-day celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights that is also known as the Indian New Year. Even without the colorful clothing and creative dance, India has caught the eye of the business world – including Hollywood and the film industry – as an important market. This Knowledge@Wharton Today blog points to recent deals that illustrate why India’s media and entertainment industry is quickly moving center stage.

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A Young Entrepreneur Deals with Copyright Woes on Her YouTube Channel


At age 14, Marina López Aísa of Spain created Navhy, a YouTube channel with subtitled videos that showcase the lyrics of top American hits in both English and Spanish. Two years and 20 million online visits later, she has had to put Navhy on the back burner because of copyright issues. She talks to KWHS about her latest projects as a technology entrepreneur.

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