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Showing ‘Spirit’ On and Off the Ultimate Frisbee Field


If you like World Cup soccer, then you might want to learn more about another lesser-known sport — Ultimate Frisbee. Sports is a big money maker around the world, and this game is quickly growing in popularity. In this audio podcast, KWHS talks with a high school Ultimate player about the appeal of the disc.

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Building a Network: ‘One Simple Connection Can Lead to So Much’


Through his venture, GivingBackPacks, high school student Alex Swerdlow has learned the value of developing a social mission. At the same time, he has begun to master one of the most vital business skills: making connections. One simple e-mail can lead to endless possibilities.

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Student Visionaries Imagine the Future of Advertising


Frozen flip-flops, premium content and human truth — mash them all together and what do you have? A colorful picture of the future of advertising. During a recent Wharton event, students talked to advertising and marketing execs about the messages they create and the consumers they hope to reach.

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Laying the Framework for a Successful Startup


KWHS interviewer Hari Joy sat down with Wharton junior Katlyn Grasso to discuss her latest entrepreneurial venture championing the empowerment of young women. Grasso, who spent the summer building the foundation of her business, is the embodiment of her own success edict: “You should never place limits on what you think you can achieve.”

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The Week in Review:

Malala Yousafzai and the Global Fight for Gender Equality


The U.S. government is back in business, which means they can turn their attention to other pressing matters, like the Girls Count Act 2013, a piece of legislation that will help implement a nationally recognized proof-of-birth system in developing countries. With 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai in the lead, many people this week have been celebrating the advancement of girls around the world.

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American Express Embraces Privilege and Purpose


Think an American Express credit card is only for the rich? Think again. High school senior Wendy Huang visited AmEx this summer and learned a thing or two she won’t soon forget from Alpesh Chokshi, the company’s president of global payment options.

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Katherine Klein on Social Impact and ‘Finding Opportunities to Make a Difference in the World’


KWHS summer intern Ila Kumar, a senior in high school at Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, sat down with Katherine Klein, Wharton’s vice dean of social impact, to learn more about the intersection of business and social good. Turns out, it is a very creative, optimistic and dynamic space to explore.

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Lens of Opportunity: Alex Kukoff’s Incredible Virtual Community Connection


In the next few weeks, Alexandra “Alex” Kukoff, a 14-year-old entrepreneur from California, will begin reviewing designs submitted by engineers to create a special pair of closed-captioning glasses for hearing-impaired moviegoers. It is a story of how a new entrepreneur with little technological expertise can use the Internet to make the necessary high-tech connections to turn an idea into a prototype [an early sample or model built to test a product or concept].

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