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The Week in Review:

A New Kind of Money: Bitcoin Basics Amidst a Week of Mt. Gox Mayhem


Have you checked into the cryptocoin scene lately? Even if you haven’t, you may have heard talk of the mysterious Mt. Gox, bitcoin and freaked-out investors. Following the news of the first and most widely known bitcoin exchange suddenly going dark, KWHS helps to demystify the world of digital currency.

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Recess in the Computer Lab, a Lucky Apple and the Evolution of an Investment Strategy


Christopher Hall, a high school senior who plans to study financial engineering in the fall, writes about his own experiences as a young investor in the stock market: “There is no better feeling than when an investment pays off. Conversely, the feeling of realizing a loss (selling a stock for less than you paid for it) is not one that you want to repeat.”

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Talking Money: Students Reflect on a Year of Spending, Valuing and Socking It Away for College


What are your greatest financial takeaways from 2013? How about financial goals for the new year? KWHS spoke with several high school seniors – for whom college looms on the horizon — to learn ways that they have become more financially literate, and how they plan to invest their new knowledge about money. Ka-ching!

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The Week in Review:

Introducing the Latest Stock Market Debutante: #TWTR


Microblogging service Twitter faced a judgment day of sorts on Thursday, Nov. 7, when it began trading as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange. It had a strong public stock debut, but does Twitter have room to grow? Teen and academic experts offer their analyses.

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The Week in Review:

Four Financial Lessons from the Government Shutdown


Sure, politics is at the heart of the U.S. government shutdown – but so is money. With the help of some high school student insiders, KWHS explores financial lessons inherent in the ongoing Washington debate.

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Peggy Bishop Lane on Why Accounting Is the Language of Business


Are you interested in a career in accounting? In this video interview with Wharton accounting professor Peggy Bishop Lane, KWHS summer intern Marisa DePuyt explores all angles of accounting, from the messages inherent in the numbers to the importance of integrity.

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American Express Embraces Privilege and Purpose


Think an American Express credit card is only for the rich? Think again. High school senior Wendy Huang visited AmEx this summer and learned a thing or two she won’t soon forget from Alpesh Chokshi, the company’s president of global payment options.

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The Week in Review:

Behind the Blue Chips of the Dow Jones Industrial Average


This week the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index got more ink than usual with the announcement that three companies will be losing their exclusive membership and that three new stocks will be added on September 23. What is the DJIA and what is the significance of these latest moves?

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