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‘FishFlops’ Style Inspires One Teen to Save Her Money and Pay It Forward


Madison Nicole Robinson recently finished sending out her college applications and she keeps busy with her high school dance team, all while building a million-dollar flip-flop business. It’s no wonder time management is one of her most valuable lessons learned.

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Can Technology Innovation Improve Financial Capability?

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Technology is an important aspect of the changing financial landscape in the U.S., particularly as it applies to the skills, judgment and resources needed to manage money effectively. Do more high-tech solutions help students and others to become smarter about understanding and navigating their finances? In part three of our four-part audio podcast for educators on the intersection of finance and technology, Wharton professor Mauro Guillén and PwC’s Liz Diep talk about technology’s impact on financial capability and the socioeconomic challenges that accompany the increased use of financial technologies.

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Fin-tech Challenges: ‘Cyberattacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated Each and Every Day’

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New ways of doing things, particularly involving something as intimate as finances, are often met with a degree of skepticism and paranoia. Consumers, financial institutions and others face challenges in the adoption of these various technologies that are changing how we handle our personal finances – everything from online credit card transactions to cryptocurrencies.

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New Car? The Costs Start Here


In this month’s personal-finance column for KWHS, Zina Kumok talks gas prices, maintenance, insurance and why the cash you need for your car definitely doesn’t end with the purchase.

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Financial Technology: Evolution or Revolution?

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Technology now plays an important role in the financial lives of consumers. Compared with adults over the age of 35, research suggests that millennials are 67% more likely to find new technology exciting and use it as much as they can for banking and other tasks. In this first of a four-part podcast series on technology and personal finance, experts from Wharton and PwC help educators and their students identify the intersection between the two.

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The Week in Review:

Why Germany Is the Driving Force in the Eurozone


When you hear about how the eurozone is struggling economically, news reports often ask: What does Germany think or what is Germany doing? You may wonder why Germany is so important for the eurozone. The simple answer: Germany is the biggest economy of the 19 nations that use the euro as their currency, and that makes stalwart Germany the driving engine in the European Union.

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Zina Kumok’s Guide to Smart Student-loan Liftoff


In August 2015, WalletHub released its state-by-state analysis of student-loan debt. It’s little surprise that student-loan borrowers fare better living in states with stronger economies and higher incomes. Topping the list? Utah and Wyoming. But before you even get to paying off your loans, you need to know where to begin. KWHS turns to its favorite personal-finance blogger for five tips that will help empower you to make savvy decisions about your student loans.

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The Week in Review:

Cap, Gown, Cash: Get Smart with Your Graduation Gifts


Happy graduation! You’re celebrating with your family and before you know it, everyone’s handing you money-filled envelopes. Cash is a popular graduation gift, and it can quickly add up. What will you do with your newfound fortune?

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