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Two Young Women Share their Struggles and Successes with Student Loan Debt


It’s never too early to start learning about student loans. The average college senior graduated with $29,400 in student debt last year, and the number is projected to rise by a staggering 6% per year. On a starting salary faced with real-world expenses, it can take years to make that debt disappear. KWHS talks with two young personal-finance bloggers who share insights and reflections about their determined journeys to be debt-free.

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#ExploreMuseums: Using Social Media to Improve Your Future Prospects


Jessamyn Moore, 23, is proof that your digital footprint does not have to be something that looms large and hideous over your life after high school. It can be a powerful tool that you leverage as you build your online persona in preparation for college and career.

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How Clean Is Your Digital Footprint?


Wherever you walk online, you are leaving a digital footprint, and building the size, scope and personality of your online presence. It’s important to manage your digital dirt — your future could depend on it.

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One House, Three Seniors and Lots of College Essays


If you are a high school senior, then it is a topic you are all too familiar with right now — the college essay. Students everywhere are in the process of brainstorming, writing and revising in hopes of creating words on paper that will wow college admissions officers. KWHS spoke with three seniors — triplets, in fact — who have a submission deadline of Nov. 1, to find out their best college-essay advice.

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Summer Highlights: Seven Lessons in Leadership


During GenHERation’s 2014 Summer Leadership Series, professional women shared insights and anecdotes about leadership and success in the business world. Two high school students who attended the workshops share their favorite takeaways.

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Six Money Moves for Your Future


KWHS guest columnist Eric Watson, financial writer for Money Crashers Personal Finance who advises young people on career development, retirement planning and smart money management, offers suggestions to boost your future financial health.

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An Intelligent Glove, a Smartphone App and a Teen’s Perspective on What’s Missing in School


Jake Coppinger, 17, has always loved technology. When he didn’t get the type of experimentation he was looking for in high school, he began to explore bigger and better ways of creating things on his own. The result? Swirlesque, an intelligent glove that can recognize hand gestures and communicate with a Smartphone to connect to any Internet-enabled device. Coppinger discusses the power of innovative thinking, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Innovation in the Classroom: Inspiring Creativity

Content sponsored by PwC

How do we teach students to become innovative thinkers? Through exploration and experimentation. In this final part of a four-part audio podcast for educators on innovation and the art of problem-solving, Saikat Chaudhuri, executive director of the Mack Institute of Innovation Management at the Wharton School; and Rob Shelton, global innovation strategy lead at PwC, talk about ways to foster innovation in the high school classroom. They address several questions from teachers in hopes of getting at the heart of encouraging more risk-taking and creativity, as well as helping educators become catalysts for change.

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