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‘Creating a Fair Playing Field’: What’s Behind the SAT Redesign


During junior year of high school, three little letters become very powerful: SAT. Recent changes to the college entrance exams will change the content of the tests and will also affect the expanding test-preparation industry. KWHS takes a look at the SAT – specifically, its accessibility, affordability and authenticity as a test of knowledge.

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Retail Careers of All Shapes and Sizes


Football fans are likely lining up outside a Finish Line store in Gainesville, Fla. Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam, who signed a million-dollar contract last year as a first-round pick, has decided to work in the mall during the off-season to get experience for the day when he hopes to become a retail entrepreneur. Industry insiders agree that solid store experience is a great first step toward a career in retail, whether you plan to work as a buyer, merchandiser or even social media maven. KWHS explores various retail careers.

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Three Critical Steps to Help You Choose a College


In the coming weeks, your mailbox will be stuffed with what you hope are those coveted college acceptance letters. Then the real work begins as you set out to make what is likely the biggest decision of your life thus far. An expert in decision sciences offers some valuable guidance – as do a few seniors who have been wrestling with their own momentous choices.

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The Week in Review:

Is Bossy the Other “B” Word?


Seldom does one word get people talking so much, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg couldn’t be happier. Her new “Ban Bossy” campaign is meant to elevate the conversation around what prevents women from becoming leaders in hopes of ultimately encouraging more women to step up. KWHS called on Wharton student Katlyn Grasso, founder of a company that works to empower high school girls, to offer her perspective on “bossy.”

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Shout-out to Potential Computer Scientists: Don’t Just Consume Technology; Create It


Next time you post on Instagram or lose it over a YouTube video, consider the technology behind these essentials of daily life. Sarah Friar, CFO of Square in San Francisco, wants to motivate young women around the world – including Australia, which has a shortfall of 37,000 computer engineers – to consider careers in technology and engineering.

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Behind the Scenes with a Professional Stage Manager


Perhaps you love the stage, but not the spotlight? Why not consider a career behind the curtain? In this audio podcast, recent college grad Amy Fisk, an intern at an active regional theater in New Jersey, offers a backstage look at the life of a professional stage manager, where it’s important to have a mind for details and a heart for interacting with all types of personalities.

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The Week in Review:

Who Is Joey Hudy, Boy Genius, White House Guest?


During the 2014 State of the Union Address on January 28, U.S. President Barack Obama talked about the accomplishments of one of his invited guests, 16-year-old Joey Hudy. Who is this wonder teen? Here’s a hint: Think shooting marshmallows.

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Making It Big in Fashion Publishing


Project Runway, Fashion Star, Plain Jane – reality TV shows about fashion are everywhere these days, fueling an ever-greater passion for fashion among the world’s style-conscious teens. And social media provides the platform to not just love fashion, but to also share your insights and begin building your brand as a fashionista. KWHS talks with Laura Woods, a 16-year-old from Australia who publishes Dalliance magazine and who is plotting her path to fashion-publishing greatness.

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