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China, the World Stage and Your Role as a Global Citizen


What does it mean to be a global citizen? Students at a recent Wharton seminar explored that idea as they discussed changes in world economic power.

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Building a ‘Work Brand’ that People Will Brag About


Brand building doesn’t have to involve big-name corporations and top-selling products. You are also a brand, and the message you communicate to the world will help determine your success. A workplace specialist from Manpower Group, which has offices around the world, shares her insight into why you should start developing your brand in high school, and the soft skills that will help you have an exceptional brand on the job.

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Motivational Intelligence: Three Steps to Setting Effective Goals


High school senior Avital Schweitzer uses goals as a basis for motivation as she works to become debate-team captain and stay true to her vegetarian lifestyle. However, she rarely states her goals or even writes them down. KWHS turns to Avital’s dad, Wharton professor Maurice Schweitzer, to delve more deeply into the art and science of strong goal setting.

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Orchids, Waffles and Landing a Summer Job


Columnist Zina Kumok helps you navigate the summer job circuit with tips from her own first job experience in the greenhouse at 15 — and beyond. Step 1: Use your extended network of family and friends to find out if anyone’s hiring.

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Career Insight: Sachin Rekhi on Why You Shouldn’t Fear Rejection


In this, Knowledge@Wharton High School’s first “Career Insight” feature in which an established entrepreneur or executive offers success strategies to high school students, Sachin Rekhi talks about the importance of overcoming your risk of rejection.

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The Week in Review:

Cap, Gown, Cash: Get Smart with Your Graduation Gifts


Happy graduation! You’re celebrating with your family and before you know it, everyone’s handing you money-filled envelopes. Cash is a popular graduation gift, and it can quickly add up. What will you do with your newfound fortune?

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Three Financial Priorities to Get You Ready for College


It’s college decision time! Amid all those campus considerations, you should also find time to think about your money. KWHS columnist and student-loan survivor Zina Kumok offers some good advice for helping you navigate your college finances. Moving-in day is too late to start thinking about the impact college will have on your bank account — and your future.

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Budgeting Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Money


Do you think money is power? Personal-finance blogger Zina Kumok has learned the hard way that money management is much more powerful. In the latest installment of her ongoing KWHS series about financial tools and decision-making, Kumok shares the why and how of budgeting — a concept that will help you travel a more successful personal-finance path during and after high school.

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