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The Week in Review:

Poor Perfume Sales Reveal the Powerful Connection between Business and Celebrity


Sometimes even Swifties need to take the good with the bad. On August 18, fans tuned in for Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated Yahoo Worldwide Live Stream. The next day, cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden blamed its worst quarterly financial results ever on slow sales of celebrity perfumes, especially scents endorsed by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. It’s a reminder that behind every brand is a business working hard to be profitable, and celebrity endorsements can influence success.

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Denim in the Raw: ‘There Is No Better Time than Now to Start Your Business’


KWHS interviewer Avivah Hotimsky recently sat down with Adina Luo, cofounder of Black Box Denim, to discuss her passion for great-fitting jeans and for building a brand.

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Retail Careers of All Shapes and Sizes


Football fans are likely lining up outside a Finish Line store in Gainesville, Fla. Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam, who signed a million-dollar contract last year as a first-round pick, has decided to work in the mall during the off-season to get experience for the day when he hopes to become a retail entrepreneur. Industry insiders agree that solid store experience is a great first step toward a career in retail, whether you plan to work as a buyer, merchandiser or even social media maven. KWHS explores various retail careers.

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Moziah Bridges Is Bringing Dapper Back


On February 5, 2014, the University of Toledo attempted to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of bow ties that were tied simultaneously. This quirky display no doubt captured the attention of one young entrepreneur in Memphis, Tenn., who has fastened – and fashioned — his fair share of bow ties. Meet Moziah Bridges, the mastermind behind Mo’s Bows.

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Making It Big in Fashion Publishing


Project Runway, Fashion Star, Plain Jane – reality TV shows about fashion are everywhere these days, fueling an ever-greater passion for fashion among the world’s style-conscious teens. And social media provides the platform to not just love fashion, but to also share your insights and begin building your brand as a fashionista. KWHS talks with Laura Woods, a 16-year-old from Australia who publishes Dalliance magazine and who is plotting her path to fashion-publishing greatness.

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The Week in Review:

Behind the Wheel of Tesla’s Model S and Elon Musk’s Endless Innovation


While President Barack Obama is talking about the salvation of the auto industry this week, other car enthusiasts have their eyes on innovators like Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla Motors. This summer, Alexander Mason, 17, visited the electric car company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., and came away with key insights about entrepreneurial spirit and leadership.

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Did You Know that J.D. Power Drives a Mercury Marauder?


Considered the leader of customer satisfaction in the auto industry, James David Power III is better known to most by the company that bears his name, J.D. Power and Associates. In this KWHS video interview, car enthusiast Evan Acuna talks with J.D. Power about his career, his guiding business principles and, yes, his latest ride.

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Student Visionaries Imagine the Future of Advertising


Frozen flip-flops, premium content and human truth — mash them all together and what do you have? A colorful picture of the future of advertising. During a recent Wharton event, students talked to advertising and marketing execs about the messages they create and the consumers they hope to reach.

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