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The Week in Review:

Business News Flash: Unicorns Do Exist!


The lives of business people and their companies often unfold like dramatic stories, rich with colorful characters and plot twists. Descriptions from these tales can get creative, including everything from “corporate raiders” in the 1980s to the term for today’s hottest tech start-up companies, known as “unicorns.”

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Career Insight: Jack Abraham on Changing the World through Technological Innovation


In this second installment of the KWHS “Career Insight” feature (search Sachin Rekhi for the first), Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jack Abraham urges high school students to embrace technology as you consider your future career path.

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ManCans Founder Hart Main Is Well Prepared for College Life


Entrepreneur Hart Main, inspired by the scents of fresh-cut grass, sawdust and Santa’s beard, has learned a thing or two while selling his “manly” scented candles – like the personal growth that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and the value of a dollar.

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The Week in Review:

China, the World Stage and Your Role as a Global Citizen


What does it mean to be a global citizen? Students at a recent Wharton seminar explored that idea as they discussed changes in world economic power.

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A Realty TV Star from Dubai Grows the Arab World’s First Online Employment Marketplace


While the Internet has long been called the World Wide Web, its power as a tool to connect and provide services has taken time to develop in certain regions. In the past few years, young digital entrepreneur Loulou Khazen Baz has been growing, the Arab world’s first online employment marketplace. After winning “The Entrepreneur” in 2012, a reality TV show in the United Arab Emirates, Khazen Baz combined her prize money and her savings to launch a service that she feels is both a viable business and a much-needed social enterprise.

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Career Insight: Sachin Rekhi on Why You Shouldn’t Fear Rejection


In this, Knowledge@Wharton High School’s first “Career Insight” feature in which an established entrepreneur or executive offers success strategies to high school students, Sachin Rekhi talks about the importance of overcoming your risk of rejection.

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Social Entrepreneurship Spotlight: The Face Inside Your Coffee Cup


Recent high school graduate Fiorella Riccobono plans to study finance and social entrepreneurship when she starts college this fall. Her inspiration? Her classwork building a business to provide a just wage for coffee bean farmers in Haiti.

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Checking In with a Guy behind New Technologies for the Golden State Warriors


As California’s Golden State Warriors professional basketball team moves its way through the NBA playoffs after finishing off a remarkable regular season, KWHS takes you behind the scenes with Daniel Brusilovsky, the team’s digital initiatives lead. Brusilovsky, a teen tech whiz who now, at 22, has landed a “dream” job with the Warriors, explains beacon technology and why it’s important to start learning and doing.

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