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#ExploreMuseums: Using Social Media to Improve Your Future Prospects


Jessamyn Moore, 23, is proof that your digital footprint does not have to be something that looms large and hideous over your life after high school. It can be a powerful tool that you leverage as you build your online persona in preparation for college and career.

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How Clean Is Your Digital Footprint?


Wherever you walk online, you are leaving a digital footprint, and building the size, scope and personality of your online presence. It’s important to manage your digital dirt — your future could depend on it.

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You Have 60 Seconds to Make Your Elevator Pitch – Go!


High school senior Jordan Harden just won the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s 2014 elevator pitch competition. Here are some tips for crafting — and delivering — a killer elevator pitch.

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One House, Three Seniors and Lots of College Essays


If you are a high school senior, then it is a topic you are all too familiar with right now — the college essay. Students everywhere are in the process of brainstorming, writing and revising in hopes of creating words on paper that will wow college admissions officers. KWHS spoke with three seniors — triplets, in fact — who have a submission deadline of Nov. 1, to find out their best college-essay advice.

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Digital Rockers: Emerging Musicians Use Online Media to Turn Up the Volume


Maybe you caught Taylor Swift’s live stream on Yahoo a few weeks back. Yes, that was the 24-year-old music sensation releasing her new album, debuting her new Shake It Off video simultaneously on Vevo and answering Instagram, Twitter and Facebook questions from fans. More importantly, Swift was showing off her mastery of online media as a means of self and music promotion. Social media has changed the music business, which as KWHS explores, is especially powerful for lesser-known artists and performers.

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The Week in Review:

South Sudan: Business Ethics Can Help the World’s Youngest Country


South Sudan is the world’s youngest country. When it broke from Sudan a few years back, many were hopeful that it would build a stronger economy. However, it is struggling. KWHS teen contributor Mats Terwiesch spoke with Eric Kacou, an expert on Africa, about the role of businesses and investors in helping the country rebound and find its way.

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Summer Highlights: Seven Lessons in Leadership


During GenHERation’s 2014 Summer Leadership Series, professional women shared insights and anecdotes about leadership and success in the business world. Two high school students who attended the workshops share their favorite takeaways.

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The Week in Review:

Poor Perfume Sales Reveal the Powerful Connection between Business and Celebrity


Sometimes even Swifties need to take the good with the bad. On August 18, fans tuned in for Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated Yahoo Worldwide Live Stream. The next day, cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden blamed its worst quarterly financial results ever on slow sales of celebrity perfumes, especially scents endorsed by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. It’s a reminder that behind every brand is a business working hard to be profitable, and celebrity endorsements can influence success.

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