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The Week in Review:

Prom Appeals to the Heart – and the Business Brain


Sure, prom is fun and, for many, unforgettable. And amid all the drama and dress decisions, you can glean some valuable insight about innovation, communication, resilience and leadership. Someday when you replace that tux with a boardroom-worthy suit, you may well think back on business lessons from the big dance.

Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips: Lay’s Lesson in Marketing and Brand Awareness


If you’re like most people, your deepest connection to a bag of potato chips is when you’re on the couch, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, with your favorite junk food. Here’s a chance to think about that bag on an even deeper level — with business concepts like marketing and branding in mind. This article, portions of which first appeared in the Knowledge@Wharton online business journal, explores the role that consumers play in the marketing and development of new products — from the perspective of a Lay’s potato chip campaign on social media.

The Week in Review:

The ‘Green’ Path from Corporate Social Responsibility to a Brighter Earth Day for All of Us


As we celebrate our planet on Earth Day 2015, we also take a closer look at the connection between business and the environment. With the help of some smart teen environmentalists, KWHS explores corporate social responsibility and why businesses are “morally responsible to replenish and sustain the sources that provide foundations for their economic success.”

Checking In with a Guy behind New Technologies for the Golden State Warriors


As California’s Golden State Warriors professional basketball team moves its way through the NBA playoffs after finishing off a remarkable regular season, KWHS takes you behind the scenes with Daniel Brusilovsky, the team’s digital initiatives lead. Brusilovsky, a teen tech whiz who now, at 22, has landed a “dream” job with the Warriors, explains beacon technology and why it’s important to start learning and doing.