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‘A Funny Thing Happens When You Follow Your Passion’


C’mon, can you really change the world? Cynics might question that idealistic outlook, and yet, you can find lots of youth-led movements out there that believe they are the force of true change. The first step: to identify what you are passionate about. In this personal essay Alice Beittel, a college freshman, talks about discovering Project Green Challenge in high school and letting her new-found love for sustainability lead the way.

Career Spotlight: Scientist Charu Chaudhry on Life in a Big Biopharmaceutical Lab


While recent research suggest a significant gender gap for young people entering science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, plenty of women are already hard at work as scientists, researchers and other high-tech professionals. KWHS spends some time with a senior research investigator at Bristol-Myers Squibb to better understand what her job is all about.

Fin-tech Challenges: ‘Cyberattacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated Each and Every Day’

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New ways of doing things, particularly involving something as intimate as finances, are often met with a degree of skepticism and paranoia. Consumers, financial institutions and others face challenges in the adoption of these various technologies that are changing how we handle our personal finances – everything from online credit card transactions to cryptocurrencies.

New Car? The Costs Start Here


In this month’s personal-finance column for KWHS, Zina Kumok talks gas prices, maintenance, insurance and why the cash you need for your car definitely doesn’t end with the purchase.