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The Week in Review:

Is Bossy the Other “B” Word?


Seldom does one word get people talking so much, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg couldn’t be happier. Her new “Ban Bossy” campaign is meant to elevate the conversation around what prevents women from becoming leaders in hopes of ultimately encouraging more women to step up. KWHS called on Wharton student Katlyn Grasso, founder of a company that works to empower high school girls, to offer her perspective on “bossy.”

The Week in Review:

A New Kind of Money: Bitcoin Basics Amidst a Week of Mt. Gox Mayhem


Have you checked into the cryptocoin scene lately? Even if you haven’t, you may have heard talk of the mysterious Mt. Gox, bitcoin and freaked-out investors. Following the news of the first and most widely known bitcoin exchange suddenly going dark, KWHS helps to demystify the world of digital currency.

Shout-out to Potential Computer Scientists: Don’t Just Consume Technology; Create It


Next time you post on Instagram or lose it over a YouTube video, consider the technology behind these essentials of daily life. Sarah Friar, CFO of Square in San Francisco, wants to motivate young women around the world – including Australia, which has a shortfall of 37,000 computer engineers – to consider careers in technology and engineering.

Recess in the Computer Lab, a Lucky Apple and the Evolution of an Investment Strategy


Christopher Hall, a high school senior who plans to study financial engineering in the fall, writes about his own experiences as a young investor in the stock market: “There is no better feeling than when an investment pays off. Conversely, the feeling of realizing a loss (selling a stock for less than you paid for it) is not one that you want to repeat.”