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Zina Kumok’s Guide to Smart Student-loan Liftoff


In August 2015, WalletHub released its state-by-state analysis of student-loan debt. It’s little surprise that student-loan borrowers fare better living in states with stronger economies and higher incomes. Topping the list? Utah and Wyoming. But before you even get to paying off your loans, you need to know where to begin. KWHS turns to its favorite personal-finance blogger for five tips that will help empower you to make savvy decisions about your student loans.

ManCans Founder Hart Main Is Well Prepared for College Life


Entrepreneur Hart Main, inspired by the scents of fresh-cut grass, sawdust and Santa’s beard, has learned a thing or two while selling his “manly” scented candles – like the personal growth that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and the value of a dollar.

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China, the World Stage and Your Role as a Global Citizen


What does it mean to be a global citizen? Students at a recent Wharton seminar explored that idea as they discussed changes in world economic power.

Building a ‘Work Brand’ that People Will Brag About


Brand building doesn’t have to involve big-name corporations and top-selling products. You are also a brand, and the message you communicate to the world will help determine your success. A workplace specialist from Manpower Group, which has offices around the world, shares her insight into why you should start developing your brand in high school, and the soft skills that will help you have an exceptional brand on the job.