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Inside Innovation: Tackling the World’s Most Pressing Problems

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In a KWHS article on innovation, Jamie Lee Solimano, a finalist in the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search for high school students, defined innovation like this: “To shift society or have an impact, you have to introduce something novel.” While invention is indeed one aspect of innovation, it is also so much more. In this first part of a four-part audio webcast for educators on innovation and the art of problem-solving, Saikat Chaudhuri, executive director of the Mack Institute of Innovation Management at the Wharton School; and Rob Shelton, global innovation strategy lead at PwC, discuss innovation basics and how it is related to critical thinking and problem-solving.

A Gap Year Involves a Little Cooking, Some Laundry and a Whole Lot of Self-Discovery


These days, both students and parents want to get the most value from their huge financial investment in higher ed. One way to clarify your college path is to take a gap year – a year off to explore new opportunities and better prepare yourself for the rigors of college and for what you would like to study. This KWHS article helps you to understand what a gap year is all about. Once you’ve read it, be sure to listen to our podcast with a young “gapper.”

Ken Tokusei Talks Technology and Ping-Pong from Inside Google Japan


Any opportunity to step inside the almighty Internet giant Google is a treat. KWHS sat down with Ken Tokusei, the head of Google Japan, to learn more about the company’s technology, its global mission and what it’s like to work there day-to-day. Tokusei also shares why his interview with the company left him in chills and what Google co-founder Larry Page means by “10x.”

Showing ‘Spirit’ On and Off the Ultimate Frisbee Field


If you like World Cup soccer, then you might want to learn more about another lesser-known sport — Ultimate Frisbee. Sports is a big money maker around the world, and this game is quickly growing in popularity. In this audio podcast, KWHS talks with a high school Ultimate player about the appeal of the disc.